A television program promoting Bible Study and the Church of Christ

How Does Know Your Bible Work?

What goes on behind the scenes of Know your Bible?

Know Your Bible is a pre-recorded program, and is usually taped four to six weeks before broadcast.

The production process works like this:

Each broadcast area has a unique 800 number for viewers to call with a question, or to request a Bible Study Course.  Operators take the calls live at our partner churches in that area.  We also receive questions and study course enrollments 24/7 on our website.  Bible courses are mailed out and graders manage individual students from the area where the student lives. Questions are arranged into scripts for variety and to avoid nepotism.

Every few weeks, Steve and Toby meet at the TV studio to tape three programs. KSN Wichita maintains our KYB set and produces the show for us.  A director and sound technician are in the control booth, and a cameraman is in the studio operating three cameras and giving time cues. After microphone and lighting checks, the director rolls the opening and Steve gets ready to welcome viewers to the show.  In 28 minutes and 50 seconds, he invites them to be back next week for more of their questions on Know Your Bible. The programs are usually taped straight through, without retakes. However, the taping has been interrupted by weather alerts or special news broadcasts, or occasionally a serious flub-up. (Like the time Steve’s watch alarm went off in the middle of a program.) Taping three shows usually takes about an hour and 45 minutes. KSN records the program and the master tape is sent to a company that adds closed captioning to it.  Duplicate tapes are then made for each broadcast market.