A television program promoting Bible Study and the Church of Christ

How Can I Help?

Whether you’ve watched Know Your Bible once or a thousand times, you’ll immediately notice something unique about our TV ministry:

We don’t ask for money.

We realize this is highly unusual for a religious TV program, but the Churches of Christ believe so strongly in regular, personal Bible study, that they regularly support the ministry to keep it on the air.
We are self-supporting and have been so since episode #1.
The Bible is God’s gift to mankind.  And Know Your Bible is our gift to help you learn, love, study and apply it.

Over the years, we have had many individuals ask about supporting the program.
Individual gifts like these, while never solicited, are always appreciated.

We have created this page specifically for those individuals who desire to help support the program.
If you benefit from the Know Your Bible ministry, and wish to do so, you may support the program by clicking the button below.

You’ll be directed to a donation page.
From that page, you’ll be able to select the Know Your Bible fund and enter any amount.
Your email address is needed, but only to email you a receipt of your gift.
We will not share it, put it on a mailing list or bother you in any other way.

If you prefer to send a check, that’s fine too.
Simply make your checks out to Know Your Bible and mail it to:

Know Your Bible
% Northside Church of Christ
4545 N. Meridian
Wichita, KS 67204